Life Science & Performance Applications

Working with you in the Life Science & Performance Alkoxides (LSPA) market.

Let's talk alkalinity

When the subject turns to alkalinity, most people immediately think of saponaceous substances with the capacity to neutralize acidic compounds. In fact, alkaline products are used in many processes for precisely this purpose. Neutralizing acidic wastewater, a concern of many industries, is one example. Reacting basic compounds with fatty acids to yield soaps ‒ such as those targeted by the detergent industry, for the instance ‒ is another.

There's more to alkalinity

Evonik supplies a broad range of alkaline products with three independent production plants located in Germany, USA and Argentina. Besides the common alkaline chemicals potassium hydroxide (KOH), carbonate (K2CO3) and bicarbonate (KHCO3), Evonik's product portfolio also comprises alkoxides, which are mainly based on sodium or potassium but have varying alcoholic groups.

The alcoholic group is what provides these products with a dedicated alkalinity and nucleophilicity; it even controls the regioselective chemical reaction in complex molecular structures. Alkoxides deliver an "add on" that makes them a suitable reactant or catalyst in life science applications.